• Iris Windsor

Describing shapes

One of the roles of an Early Learning Educator at Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach is to create an environment in which children are eager to explore concepts. Educators have the ability to provide developmentally appropriate materials and opportunities to help their little ones to understand their topic which was observing and verbalising shapes.

Last week the Possums explored plants from the garden. They chose flowers like the bird of paradise, bottle brush, and wattle. The children then made connections between the plants and animals that they are familiar with. “The bottle brush looks like a hairy caterpillar and the bird of paradise looks like a brolga” they decided.

The children then painted their own depictions of the characteristics they had seen and recognised, using language to describe features and then expressing their perspectives through an art form

What fun they had working with their kindy friends. Such beautiful artwork!

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