• Iris Windsor

Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

The children in Kindy at Dragonfly's Early Learning are having an amazing experience in their current project....building and cooking in an outdoor kitchen.

They have collected herbs and spices of all sorts to add to their pantry. This provides an opportunity to recognise, taste and smell product that they have maybe never come across before. They have learnt the reason herbs are used and how herbs and spices improve flavour when used in cooking. The Stephanie Alexander Gardens come in handy....they can add their freshly grown herbs to their cooking pots straight from their very own gardens.

They have collected and added natural resources, as well as rice, dried beans, legumes and seeds to their ever growing range of pantry items.

Their imaginations can run riot with possibilities in this cook up! This learning process has these little Dragonflies busy "cooking up a storm" in their outdoor kitchen.

Learning about cooking and the kitchen allows them the freedom to dream and imagine. So important for child development and the early learning process. Communication skills are activated and developed during this process as you see this little group collaborating....deciding what they will make and what ingredients they will include in their recipe.

This cooking at play adds to their child development and cooking experiences

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