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The Journey towards a Chemical Free Life: A Word on Butter

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Nothing beats local and there is nothing like home made butter made by churning cream freshly milked from a cow and nothing beats Australian....but, this one is worth a try

I use a lot of butter and I try to find the best quality that I can. I try to find one that is chemical free and at this stage, Kerrygold is the best that I have been able to find. I would love to find an Australian chemical free butter but have not been able to find one so far

Toxins build up in our systems over time, so it is important to read the ingredients on the labels of the food that we buy. There are numerous other foods and products we use that have questionable ingredients that affect our health and wellness so it is well worth it

This is some interesting information found in an article about the Kerrygold brand from the Healthy Holistic Living Magazine. The cream from the milk used to make Kerrygold is from grass-fed cattle. Being a proud giant in the Irish dairy industry, Kerrygold buys all their milk from Irish cattle farmers, who are known to be some of the best in the world.

Many farmers around the world supplement their cattle’s diet with grains. Some just exclusively feed their cattle grain, to make them grow faster. While this is every farmer’s dream, it can make the milk produced less nutritious.

Irish Butter - Dragonfly's Early Learning Coolum Beach

Grass-fed cattle produce milk with a higher nutritional value than grain-fed cattle. Their milk has higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids which are known to be good for hearts and minds. Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLA), a type of beneficial omega-6 fatty acid from grass-fed milk has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and aid in weight management.

Kerrygold only receives milk supplies from farmers who feed their cattle lush, green grass all year round. This is also the reason why the butter has a rich yellow colour. The green grass contains a high level of the orange-colored beta carotene, a plant pigment turned into vitamin A in the body.

Under the sun, the cows also synthesize other vitamins through their hides, which further boosts the nutritional value of the milk they produce. Butter churned from such rich milk is much healthier and nutritious than any other kind.

The grass-fed cattle are untreated In a bid to protect their cattle from bacterial diseases, many farmers tend to treat them with antibiotic medications. Some also inject growth-hormones into their cows to make them grow faster. These practices are not healthy for the cows and their products.

The chemical compounds affect the quality, flavour, and taste of the milk produced. Kerrygold ensures all their milk comes from untreated cows. Their butter has a fresh, lovely taste, one that’s free of antibiotics and hormones.

Farmers who supply Kerrygold have to make sure their cows are not grazing on sprayed grass. Grass treated with pesticides and other chemicals can be harmful to cows, and this affects the quality of their products.

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This is an article by Deborah King from Healthy Holistic Living Magazine


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