• Iris Windsor

Colour Recognition made "FUN"

Most Educators can't wait to introduce the wonderful world of color to their little charges

Generally, children learn to identify colours around 18 months of age and can name different colours by age 3 years.

A fun way to do this is to add a sensory product like shaving cream with the colour.

Sensory processing refers to the ability to take in information through our senses. The more senses that can be included in any experience helps children to remember the experience and to learn through this.

Here the children have the feeling of the smooth, fluffy shaving cream with their pretty pink and blue colours. These two senses...touch, and sight, help to make the activity appealing and interprets what they see. This experience could also be added to by allowing them to experience the sense of smell by using maybe an oil like eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, orange oil, or lavender oil. The list of possible additions is endless, but to add smell to the experience helps with their learning.

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