• Iris Windsor

Collecting from Nature

Children and nature are naturally drawn to each other. Nature gives children joy, life and and opens up the opportunity for spectacular learning lessons.

When children are outside without electronics or toys, they have an opportunity to be creative.

Today the Junior Kindy children at Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach, collected leaves and sticks from around the garden for pastings. They sorted through lots of leaves and sticks before deciding on the ones that they wanted to keep for their master pieces.

Children will work together or with adults to see new things, try new things and dream up stories about new things. Being outside and collecting from nature introduces a whole new world of things to arouse their curiosity.

Being outside gets kids moving. Being outdoors in the sunshine, they are able to use their bodies to explore the outdoors, to practice their balance and to learn new motor skills.

These are nice ones!

Just put it in here

Mmmmm which one will I use?

Lets use this one.

Glue it onto this piece of paper

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