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Christmas Wreath

This beautiful idea and photo comes thanks to Instagram's sonny_loves_charlie. This lady makes and posts beautiful food for her family.

Do take a look. You will get lots of simple ideas for clean eating

I have my own "take" on her dish as I use prepared meringes and the job is done in half the time

Meringue Wreath


2-3 packets Woolworths Petite Meringue Nests

(depending on the number of people you are feeding)

600mls thickened cream


1 punnet raspberries (can use frozen here)

1 punnet fresh raspberries to garnish

Arils from 1 fresh pomegranite to garnish (OR frozen arils are available from freezer in most supermarkets)

Pulp of 2 passionfruit to garnish

Rockmelon shapes to garnish

Mint leaves to garnish


  1. Lay baking paper in a springform pan to give you a good shape

  2. Arrange meringue nests around in a wreath shape

  3. Mash 1 punnet raspberries with a little icing sugar

  4. Place 1 teasp into the centre of each petite meringue nest

  5. (OR delicious with lemon or lime butter/curd also)

  6. Whip cream with vanilla to taste

  7. Pour whipped cream on top of meringues to make a wreath

  8. Allow to set for an hour or so in the refrigerator

  9. Remove from springform pan

  10. Remove baking paper

  11. Garnish with raspberries, pomegranite arils, rockmelon, mint leaves and passionfruit just before serving

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