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Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Every year at Easter I look for something special for family members. Below is the recipe for my favourite Rocky Road. It can be poured into Bunny moulds, packed into an egg half mould or simply poured into a tray and cut into squares after it is set. A satin ribbon bow always makes it look pretty special....pretty enough for gift giving.

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Rocky Road Easter Bunnies


500gms Belgian Coverture Chocolate or any good quality chocolate

1 pkt ripe raspberries

100gms Turkish delight

1 pkt small marshmallows

1 toblerone bar

1 cup of nuts (macadamia, toasted slivered almonds or peanuts)

½ cup coconut chips

½ cup almonds to garnish...Silver ones are nice if you can find them


1. Prepare mould by spraying with cooking spray

2. Place raspberries, turkish delight, marshmallows, nuts and coconut in a bowl

3. Melt chocolate in 10 sec increments in microwave until almost melted

4. Leave to stand to finish melting

5. Pour melted chocolate into cold mould and leave to set for 5 mins

6. Move mould around until chocolate coats the whole mould

7. Repeat if you wish to have a good thick outer chocolate coating

8. Pour sweets, chopped toblerone and nuts into the mould

9. Pour melted chocolate on top

10. Tap mould on the bench to be sure that the chocolate fills all of the spaces

11. Shake to be sure that no air remains and chocolate fills all spaces

12. Leave to set before turning out

13. Tie a satin bow around the neck if you are giving this as a gift.


Use the very best chocolate that you can find to make this special

If you don't have a mould, simply pour into a tray and set as a slab

Cut up with a sharp, hot knife when it is set

Wrap in cello and add satin ribbon for gift giving


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