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Chilli and Garlic Spray for Garden Pests

At Dragonfly's Early Learning, we make every endeavour to be as chemical free as possible, even in the garden.

Garlic and Chilli based spray is an organic spray effective for small sucking insects such as aphids as well as caterpillars.

This spray is very inexpensive to make, particularly if you are growing the garlic and chillis. You can use powdered chilli if you dont have fresh.

You will need :

Base Concentrate

10-12 hot chillis

10 -12 cloves of garlic

2 cups water (be generous)

1 tablesp liquid castile soap or any biodegradable liquid soap


Place chillis and garlic and water in the blender and blend to a puree

let this stand overnight in a glass jar

pour the mixture through a strainer lined with cheesecloth or a coffee filter

Leave to drain

Stir in detergent

Pour into a glass jar with a plastic lid...not metal.

Store till required...will last a couple of months

To Use:

Add 2 tablesp concentrate to 1 litre water.

Spray the plants late in the day so that the hot sun doesn't shine on them once they are sprayed

Spray on both sides of the leaves.

If the mixture is too concentrated, or the hot sun shines on the just sprayed leaves, it will burn them

If you have a serious infestation, you may have to apply a few times, waiting a few days in between

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