• Iris Windsor

Chickens are "Tops" this Week

Chickens are the "flavour of the month" at Dragonfly's Early Learning over the past week.

The chickens from Henny Penny are hatching in the foyer and with Easter close by....the subject of chickens and anything and everything to do with them is top of conversation

The Educators at Dragonfly's Early Learning do an enormous job with these little people. They have the utmost patience and love and spend hours planning and setting these tiny little fingers to work so that they, too, can have something to be proud of to show and enjoy at home with their families.

These Baby Dragonflies are making chicken collages by adding feathers to their chicken cutouts to make baby chicks. The children are applying glue and then pressing feathers onto their chickens. These are then posted up onto the wall so that all can see their amazing collages... (and this is amazing considering that they are 1 to 2 year olds!!)

Hats off to the Toddler Educators!

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