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Cauliflower Pizza with Zucchini Pesto

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

This is such a healthy meal and I can really recommend it.....the flavours are amazing!!!

Burrata is a little hard to find unless you have a very good deli in your area. However, some soft Persian Feta available from the supermarket will definitely do the job. I love the cauliflower base and once you have made it once, you will use it over and over again.

give it a try with a fresh tossed salad.

Cauliflower Pizza with Zucchini Pesto


Cauliflower Base

600gms cauliflower florettes

2 cloves garlic

1 tablesp fresh parsley

1 tablesp fresh basil leaves

2eggs beaten

30gms grated parmesan

Sea salt and freshly ground pepper


1 bunch asparagus, trimmed and stems cut on an angle

500gms mixed heirloom tomatoes (or any small tomatoes)

4 marinated artichokes, halved lengthwise and drained (from a jar is perfect)

1 med red onion thinly sliced into rings

2 tablesp olive oil

2 tablesp lemon juice

1 burrata to serve (see note)

Zucchini Pesto

1 zucchini

40gms almonds (1/4 cup)

2 cloves garlic

½ cup basil leaves (firmly pressed into ½ cup)

Zest of 1 lemon (about 2 teasp)

2 tablesp lemon juice

20gms finely grated parmesan (1/4 cup)

60mls olive oil (1/4 cup)

Sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Extra basil leaves to serve


1. Preheat oven to 220C

2. Line 2 large trays with baking paper (or silicon sheets if you have them)

3. Spray one sheet liberally with oil (for cauliflower base)

4. Place cauliflower, parsley and basil in bowl of food processor

5. Pulse till chopped…about the size of grains of rice

6. Transfer to large bowl with whisked eggs and grated parmesan

7. Season and stir till well combined

8. Pour onto prepared tray to form a rectangle 5 mm thick

9. Bake 30 mins or till cooked through and golden

10. Place asparagus, tomato, artichoke, onion, lemon juiceand oil in a bowl

11. Season and toss till vegetables are well coated

12. Spread mixture evenly over prepared tray

13. Bake 20 mins or till tomatoes begin to split and are tuning golden

14. While base and topping are cooking, make zucchini pesto

15. Combine all ingredients in food processor and process till smooth

16. Add 1 tablesp water to loosen mixture if it is too thick. Season to taste

To Serve

Spread desired amount of pesto evenly over cauliflower base

Top with hot vegetable mixture (no liquid) and fresh basil leaves

Place burrata in the middle and make a small incision so that the inside oozes out (Can use Persian feta)

Slice and enjoy

Photograph and inspiration for this recipe came from Magdalena Roze's recipe book "Happy and Whole"


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