• Iris Windsor

Camping is Fun!!

With the current lockdown in place, so many families who would have normally gone camping over the Easter Break, had to remain at home and have a family fun weekend

With many clever innovative minds at work, many families will remember camping on this 2020 Easter Break with great fondness

After the weekend with families, Many of the children are back at Dragonfly's Early Learning talking about their camping experiences in their own backyards.

Yesterday, they explored their creativity and imagination through art. In order to incorporate parts of the camping experience into our program, we created fires from sticks and leaves which they collected from the yard.  We then used coloured paper to create the fires after discussing the colours of fire with the children.

Having just experienced this with their parents, they are confident in their ideas and thoughts and openly discuss the creations in front of them with their peers. The craft was set up with assistance of some of our Kindergarten peers.

It was a great creative experience with everyone exploring a different concept of art and the understanding of the process

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