• Iris Windsor

Bring it on!!! Gifts from Gardening

Dragonfly's Early Learning supports the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Programme

Gardening is really a gift. We love this programme. It provides so many benefits for the children:

It gets them outside regularly

It teaches them where their food comes from and encourages healthy eating

It helps provide an interest in cooking

Children love to watch things grow.

Introduces children to scientific concepts

Enhances fine motor skill development

Fosters family and peer bonding

Teaches responsibility

It creates environmental stewards

At Dragonfly's Early Learning , our Coolum Beach Kindergarten, we say..."Bring it on"!!!

To learn more about Dragonfly's Early Learning please go to:


Or call us on 07 5471 6500 to arrange a walk through or to look at our gardens. We think that they are pretty special


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