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Breakfast Eggs

I make these regularly. They make a quick, healthy start to the day. Great for breakfast, lunch or a packed lunchbox

They are very easy and you can have breakfast or lunch on the table in half an hour.

Use the bottom of a glass or anything that is the size of the bottom of the pan hole to help you successfully push the wrappers in. This makes putting the spring roll wrappers in ready for the eggs, super quick.

The holes can be filled with a quiche mix made from whisked eggs and added vegetables or Simply add one whole egg to the wrapper lined hole

The spring roll cases can also be used for dessert. Fill them with apple or strawberries ....any type of fruit and top with whipped cream

Breakfast Eggs


24 spring roll wrappers

12 eggs

12 slices tomato or 12 small tomatoes cut into halves

12 large basil leaves

12 small pieces of bacon (if desired)

12 teasp grated cheese


  1. Grease pan

  2. Preheat oven to 180C

  3. Lay a spring roll wrapper into one hole of a 12 hole pan

  4. Lay another spring roll wrapper on top.

  5. Fill all holes in pan with 2 wrappers

  6. Add 1 egg to each hole

  7. Place 1 basil leaf on top of egg

  8. Place a slice of tomato on top of basil

  9. Lay bacon across top (if using)

  10. Top with 1 teasp grated cheese

  11. Bake at 180C for 15 - 20mins

  12. Garnish as desired using chopped shallots, parsley or small basil leaves

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