• Iris Windsor

Benefits of Preschool

One can’t deny that preschool and Pre-Kindy programmes come with many inherent benefits.

Those who argue that all children should attend preschool point to the following benefits for preschool-age children who attend programmes

Prepares Children Academically for Kindergarten.

Preschool-age programs will introduce children to their ABC’s and even show them how to write their names.

Provides Structure.

Children learn to follow a schedule, many for the first time. They also learn how to follow instructions like putting toys away and sitting quietly for a story.

Teaches Social Interaction.

When you’re thinking of the benefits of preschool, social interaction is just as important as academic growth. Pre-Kindy programmes begin to show children the right way to interact with their peers.

Teaches Independence.

While there are teachers on hand to help, Mummy and Daddy are not. Children have to learn that they need to get their own snack and they have to know when they have to go to the bathroom.

Physical Activity.

With the increase in childhood obesity in preschool-age children and beyond, many preschool programs are making exercise a part of the daily routine.

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