• Iris Windsor

Balls can be such fun!!!

This is a simple game that has proven to be super popular with the children at Dragonfly's Early Learning. Posting a ball down tubes makes a fun activity for Early Learners in all age groups.

"Super Dad" Ian Crawley, has come to the fore to build this ball game wall for the Kinder children under the instructions of Miss Paige

This type of game, made from simple plumbing pipes not only provides hours of fun for the children but also plays an important developmental role.

1. Talking about speed, position, direction and numbers, helps introduce maths and science language

2. Group play is a great way for children to practice taking turns and sharing with others.

3. Working out who will post the ball and who will collect it, helps to develop social and

co-operative play skills.

4. The discussions that the children engage in as a result of this play encourages and activates social and life skills

Working it out!

Waiting, waiting, waiting!!!

Where will it come out??

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