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Baby Love

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Bonding with the babies, is something that we all love to do.

Children learn very quickly how to play with the little ones.

They are so cute and makes your heart feel happy just watching them. They are so gentle with them and have so much love to give

When babies are born, they form an attachment with one or two main caregivers. The first few months in a child’s life are the most important time in which to form these good quality attachments.

Eye contact, smiles and being held lovingly by adults are incredibly important for children’s cognitive, social and emotional development. The caregiver provides a strong sense of safety to the child. Without this affection, there could be long-term negative effects. These strong attachments with primary caregivers, provides a solid foundation for children to relate to others. As babies grow and develop, they are able to engage in more complex interactions like the ones that we see here.

During the toddler stage of development, children enjoy being near and watching others.

Children from the 2 to 3 year age group just love the babies and here we see some little Dragonflies from Dragonflies Early Learning bonding with the babies. They so love to "help" at that age group, their day is complete if they can have some time "helping" the Educators with their little charges. So much Love is spread at these times.

Group play such as dancing or singing games offers the opportunity for toddlers to play on their own or in the company of others

To learn more about toddler childcare and what we do at Dragonfly's Early Learning, please go to: https://www.dragonflys.com.au/contact-us/


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