• Iris Windsor

A bit of Bling and a bit of Assurance

All children love to collage. The process of choosing different shapes, textures, and colours creates wonder and excitement as they busily glue down their pieces onto paper to create a work of art.

Collage is really a work of self expression. Children undertake the task with great enthusiasm and become completely engrossed in it. The excitement of choosing colours, the task of gluing and arranging, the ensuing discussion about the process while relating to their peers provides a heap of encouragement and creates a hive of activity

Colour recognition has an important part in this process and helps them to recognise and remember their colours.

This little guy is not so sure but happy to look around for a bit of assurance

There is nothing that a girl likes more than a bit of bling and a feather or two

Pink....every girl's favourite

Such a busy little team

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