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Art Therapy and Sensory Play

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

How much fun did we have, exploring one of our most favourite activities, here at Dragonfly's Early Learning?

Sensory play and Art therapy!!

Everyone was involved

Chia Seeds and colour were used to provide a sticky gluey medium to encourage messy play

How nice is it to get those little hands into that sticky, gluey mess?

What fun! Beautiful smiles!!

Sitting around a table and playing with goop helps children to relax and open up to conversations and talking about their emotions and feelings with their peers and educators...

a key element to their well being and development

Exploring one of our favorite activities here at Dragonfly's Early Learning.

Messy play stimulates children's senses, assisting in the development of fine motor and problem solving skills. It is a un-structured experience with no right or wrong outcome. A great way to encourage creative, confident,capable and curious children!

Here at Dragonfly's Early Learning Centre we encourage active learning and what better way to do that, than messy play with friends.

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