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Are you Missing an Opportunity?

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Are you missing an opportunity?

Research shows that there are huge social, emotional and educational benefits to be gained from at least two years of quality early childhood education before children start school. Early childhood educators and researchers have long advocated the importance of early childhood education.

When you think of your 3-year-old attending early learning, what do you envision? People naturally have misgivings.

Are you afraid that your child is too small to be placed in a structured environment?

Are you alarmed by the idea of separation?

Please don't be...early learning can only help your child.

I am sure that there are many benefits but here are just 6 of them.

1. Research has shown that preschool attendance has produced consistent positive long and short term effects of starting your child in early learning as a three-year-old.

2. An emergent curriculum, in a structured environment, delivered by qualified Educators greatly improves children's learning and development outcomes.

3. Early learning sets the foundation for learning life skills. Your child will start to gain a sense of self, explore, play with their peers, and build confidence.

4. An early start to the Early Years Learning Framework, developed in Australia has been designed as a guide for Educators through an emergent curriculum to keep pace with Australian children of the same age, provides definite advantages

5. An early learning programme will help your child develop socially and emotionally. It is a great step forward when your 3-year-old starts to see that they can accomplish self-help skills like pouring their own juice and serving themselves.

6. Three to six-year-olds are like little sponge. early learning programme has positive effects on language and literacy development as well as academically.

You, as a parent, you could consider taking advantage of this knowledge to help us help you to equip your clever little one with "ready for school" skills

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