• Iris Windsor

Are you looking for an Early Learning Centre? .....How Important is it?

Are you still asking yourself this same question? Do you have an answer yet?

We have already discussed how amazing a child's brain is.

Look at how quickly they have all embraced the "i" age

Even by the age of 2 years, children have mastered that "Swipe"!! Up and down!!!

But it is far greater than this.

We know that a child's brain develops most rapidly between birth and 5 years of age

It is such a critical time and the most important influence on the development of a child's brain is where and how they spend their early years.

Positive stimulating and nurturing environments help them to thrive....help them to learn and grow. We also know that a negative environment has an equally significant adverse impact on their cognitive, emotional and behavioural development.

We understand just how important your decision is. This decision will impact upon them for the rest of their lives

As a parent, it is your job to expose your child to the best possible Early Learning Environment. The decision is yours to make


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