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Are We Ready for the Big School

At Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach, we are already thinking ahead and looking to work on school readiness and just how much more we have to do to make our Kindy children ready for the big school

Going to school is a very exciting time and a big step into a new world, but in order for them to have a great experience, we need to plan ahead for this great event. Now is the time to be thinking about how to make them ready. Is your little one ready for 5 days a week at school?

School readiness refers to whether a child is ready to make an easy and successful transition into school. School readiness can be actively facilitated with a little forward planning to ensure that children regularly participate in activities that develop the appropriate skills required to help optimal learning when they start school.

While many people think of academics (e.g. writing their name, counting to 10, knowing the colors) as the important school readiness skills, school readiness actually refers to a much broader range of skills. In addition to some academic basics, school readiness skills also include self-care (independent toileting and opening lunch boxes), attention and concentration, physical skills (e.g. having the endurance to sit upright for an entire school day), emotional regulation, language skills, and play and social skills.

Without having the basic skills already established upon entry to school, children can very quickly find themselves playing ‘catch up’ compared to their peers that are advancing more quickly. Students who begin school with the building block (or foundation) skills in place advance quickly as opposed to those who start school only to then begin the slow process of developing school readiness.

This information has been taken from "Kid Sense". This site has a very good article that is worth reading. Please use the following link


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