• Iris Windsor

Always Was, Always Will be.

Always Was, Always Will Be is the Theme for the 2020 NAIDOC celebrations and recognises that the First Nation's people have occupied and cared for this continent for over 65,000 years.

At Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach, we celebrate NAIDOC over the next week. Over this time our little ones will learn more about our Nation's first people.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were Australia's first explorers, first navigators, first engineers, first farmers, first botanists, first scientists, first diplomats, first astronomers and first artists.

Australia has the world's oldest oral stories and made the earliest paintings of ceremonies. The First People engraved the first maps and invented unique technologies.

NAIDOC Week 2020 acknowledges and celebrates that our nation's story didn't begin with documented European contact, whether in 1606 when the Dutch arrived on the Western Coast of Cape York Peninsula or later, in 1770, with the arrival of Cook

NAIDOC 2020 invites all Australians to embrace the true history of our country - a history which dates back thousands of generations

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