• Iris Windsor

A Bag of Seeds

Even the little ones can become involved in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Programme. The Pre-Kindy group at Dragonfly's Early Learning has begun to explore the germination process of seedlings.

This experience began with a discussion about how plants grow and what they need to flourish and survive in our environment.

The children were confident in their knowledge that they needed soil, sun and water but were challenged in their thinking when their educator suggested we try to experiment with germinating seeds in a bag rather than soil.

We used paper towel to act as our damp soil environment and sealed them in a snap lock bag, placing them on our window to create the warmth needed.

The children were really curious, observing the changes occurring daily and have since discovered that their seeds have begun to sprout!

When the plants are a little bigger we will transfer them into our garden so that we can watch them grow and harvest the snow peas!

As you can see, they become fully engrossed in the process!!!

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