• Iris Windsor

Yoga Provides Many Benefits

Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach likes to include Yoga as a part of their programme. The health benefits for the children are enormous and they love it!

Children are often involved in yoga poses as a part of a story line....like, posing as a tree or a lion. Yoga is a great way to promote relaxation, self regulation, and reduces stress. Yoga can help to stimulate childhood development. It gets them in touch with their body and allows them to make the most of their incredible flexibility.

Participating in Yoga with smooth actions helps children to learn how to relax. Their listening skills improve and it teaches them patience and encourages them to strive for achievement. With success, comes greater confidence and advanced self esteem.

As both a stretching and strengthening asana, Downward Dog, provides balance for mind and body. It targets the upper and lower body at the same time and can be felt in hands, arms, shoulders, back , calves, hamstrings and even in the souls of the feet

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