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10 Surprising Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend Childcare

Saying farewell to your little one each morning is never easy for any Mum or Dad.

An array of studies show that high quality childcare, where children have frequent interactions between Educators and other children, low teacher to student ratios and Educators with higher levels of education pays off in a number of ways.

There are some surprising reasons why so many parents choose to have their children in childcare apart from necessity and the need to have a little time to themselves.

1. Research confirms that children who attend high quality childcare actually exhibit better behaviour than those who don't

2. Children who attended childcare for more than one year demonstrated better social skills and fewer peer related difficulties

3. A child's access to high quality childcare in the first years of life, may show improved emotional and cognitive development, prevents later emotional difficulties and show advanced prosocial behaviours

4. Childcare makes kids smarter. It has been shown that children who were cared for by others, develop no differently from those cared for exclusively by their mothers. These children generally show better language and cognitive development skills during the first four and a half years of life. These benefits remain at least through to the age of 15 years

5. Childcare makes kids more likely to get college degrees. They also have significantly more years of total education and develop an interest in learning

6. Children who have been in childcare, are more likely to hold down a job and remain consistently employed in adulthood

7. Daycare prepares kids for school. This, of course, goes without saying! Children who attend formal childcare education programmes, have substantially stronger reading and maths skills compared to those who relied on informal or home based education.

8. Early Education and childcare make kids more efficient communicators. Researchers who watched 5 year olds playing a two person game discovered that the more time children spent in childcare, the better they were able to adjust their communication style to the other player, suggesting that this was due to their exposure to a greater variety of social situations.

9. Childcare makes kids less likely to get sick when they go to school. The immune systems of children in childcare are subjected to the range of child ailments otherwise first experienced at school

10. Children who attend childcare have a reduced risk of developing emotional problems compared to children who stayed at home with their mothers. They have more refined emotional development skills through experience

At Dragonfly's Early Learning, we have very experienced Educators who are able to support these early learning development skills in lots of ways. They are skilled at encouraging children to be curious, enhancing their interest in learning and the world around them.

Our well developed community programme introduces our children to the outside world allowing them to develop into well rounded students.

To learn more about Dragonfly's Early Learning, please go to


or call us on 07 5471 6500

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