Dragonfly's Philosophy


At Dragonfly’s Early Learning, we believe in getting back to basics and building a warm, nurturing and natural place where children feel valued and supported. Our vision is to provide a solid educational foundation to foster strong and successful young people.


We believe that children learn best in a safe, loving and natural environment. We strive to provide a stimulating place where children are engaged in interactive and exploratory opportunities using a rich variety of sensory materials such as mud, sand, and paint.


Children achieve success at our centre through the guidance of our team of passionate, caring and devoted educators. We believe in supporting our team to grow by encouraging continuous improvement through self-reflection and education.


We know that children become strong, confident individuals through the support of their parents and families. We strive to involve parents in every aspect of their children’s learning and to work with parents to support children on their learning journey.


Our centre is a pillar of the Coolum community, and we believe in supporting our community through involvement with local businesses, events, and charities.


We aim to build environmental awareness and good health in children by adopting sustainable practices at the centre and implementing programs that promote garden to plate and foster positive food habits.