Centre Philosophy

In Partnership with families and community we at Dragonflys Early Learning respectfully acknowledge the traditional owners the Gubbi Gubbi people, on whose land we build our learning community.  Through high quality care and education, we show our respect to Elders past, present and emerging.


At Dragonfly’s Early Learning, our philosophy is based primarily around Emmi Pikler’s innovative theories and approach of respectful relationships between adult and child.  We support this theory in practice by offering a key educator approach and a rhythm of the day to ensure children have predictability to their day.  We build warm, nurturing, and secure relationships with both families and children which in turn ensures everyone is valued and supported. Our vision is to provide a solid emotional and educational foundation to foster strong and successful young people as they head into their formal years of Education.




  • We embrace an image of each child as a curious, creative, and competent member of the community.

  • We provide an atmosphere of trust. We strive to develop in each child resilience a sense of responsibility and intrinsic motivation as well as respect for self and others.

  • We celebrate children’s rights to express their ideas and theories through a wide variety of experiences and materials.




  • We view and uphold parents/guardians as both the primary care givers and children’s first teachers.

  • We welcome families to be involved in all areas of Service life.

  • Together we co- construct an enriching and engaging child-centred program.




  • We document exploration and projects with the intention of promoting a better understanding within the community of children’s ideas, theories, language, growth, and development.

  • We appreciate the role of culture in shaping children’s development and learning which so often happens within the wider community children encounter

  • We recognise our community consists of a system of ongoing relationships between individuals and groups.




  • Learning through play is the core of our curriculum.

  • Everything we do complements the Early Years Learning Framework.

  • Intentional and spontaneous teaching and child led learning are fundamental for nurturing the whole child.




  • We consider the environment to be an additional teacher, provoking and supporting both children and adults learning.

  • We aim to create nurturing, inclusive, and responsive learning environments where there is a strong sense of belonging and connectedness.




  • We strive to be driven by reflective practice.

  • We value ongoing learning.

  • We thrive on supporting each other to be the best we can be.


Our Shared Values


Professional | Respectful | Lifelong learners