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Early Childhood Teacher & Educational Leader: Possums (2.5 - 3.5 years)

I believe each child is a complete being, they have their own identity, thoughts, feelings, ideas, style, and personality. With nurturing, guidance and love each child will have the opportunity to grow to the adult they are meant to be.

I believe children thrive with boundaries that are consistent and fair. If a child knows what is expected of them, they feel secure and safe. It is a child’s job to push the boundaries as this is part of their growth, it is the adult’s job to hold the boundary in a fair and loving way that shows the child they are there, and they care.

I believe children need to be taught; if we do not show them, how will they know? I also believe that this teaching can be done through many means such as demonstration, discussion, experimentation, trial and error, social interaction, physical exploration, imaginative play, questioning, researching and many others.

Each child has their own unique personality and therefore their own way of learning, known as their learning style. When a child is taught through their learning style, they are more likely to succeed.

I believe strongly in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow’s theory states that each child has their own set of unique needs, beginning with their basic needs such as physiological needs (food water, warmth, and rest) and the need for safety. A child will be ready to move to the next level; psychological needs such as the need for belonging and love and esteem needs such as intimate relationships, friends, and a feeling of accomplishment. Once all these needs are fulfilled a child moves to the top level of the hierarchy; self-fulfilment (achieving one’s full potential). As a teacher I believe it is my job to assist children to move through this hierarchy.


I aim to provide the children with the feeling of security knowing that their physiological needs will be met while in my care; they will feel a sense of safety and then be able to reach self-fulfilment, learning and developing to their full potential.

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